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I Can Take It From Here: resolving Really Old Hurts

It takes a lot to impress me, and I am so impressed with Lisa Forbes and her ability to transform her life circumstances. Her book, I Can Take It From Here, soon to be on Netflix, is shifting the conversation about incarceration and recidivism by acknowledging the link between trauma and imprisonment.

The book chronicles her upbringing in a Chicago housing project and documents her first-hand, no-holds-barred perspective of her family’s physical and emotional abuse. She then walks us through her prison experience step by step and how she clawed her way against the odds as a ‘restored citizen’. Her story puts a human face on the multitude of difficulties former inmates face in trying to get hired, find housing and make an honest living while on parole. Imagine renting a motel room next to a highway that requires hour-long bus rides to work low wage temp jobs. That was the best position she could find even with a college degree and paralegal training she earned while incarcerated.

And now for the big reveal the book promos leave out. In her chapter, “Really Old Hurts”, Lisa Forbes describes how she discovers EFT on the internet and starts to process her trauma by using free tapping scripts. I literally shouted out loud when I read this because none of the publicity mentions this fact. The press didn’t talk about her healing much at all, when that is the most critical piece of her story. She would not be doing what she's doing today, making the impact she’s making, if she hadn’t healed her trauma. And this didn’t happen until years after she left prison and a failed mid-life marriage. She writes, “Tapping was a huge part of my recovery, and a method that will also help many other traumatized people.

I invite you to consider what is your unresolved trauma holding you back from? What really old hurts are keeping you from fully expressing your power in this life? Lisa Forbes had one of the worst childhoods imaginable and spent 14 years in prison, and she recovered using EFT and other healing methods. The world needs all of us to be operating at the highest level possible right now. Now is the time to resolve and integrate whatever blocks and limiting beliefs hold us back. If she can do it, we can too.

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