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Denise is an adventurer seeking to make a positive impact on the world. Her goal is to increase clients' resilience to address both personal challenges and those in society at large. She offers workshops in employee wellness as well as emotions around climate and severe weather responses. Learning to trust one’s intuition is critical to navigating the ever-changing environment and avoiding burnout and apathy.


Denise also believes in the power of parenting to shift the effects of generational trauma. Her methods help clients achieve and maintain emotional equilibrium so they show up as their best selves with their families and in their adult lives.

As a certified Happily Family Coach, she brings particular skill in supporting parents of 'kids with labels', including 2E/gifted, ADHD, highly sensitive, and non-CIS gender, as well as families experiencing grief, loss, or major life transitions.


Take the first step and learn this simple Tapping Technique!

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