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Tap Intuition by Denise Kleinman


Trust Your Inner Wisdom

Meet Denise

Founder of Tap Intuition


Denise compassionately supports clients in clearing a diverse range of traumas, losses, and blocks. Clinical EFT Tapping can quickly and effectively reduce triggers to raise your emotional foundation so you can more easily reset in stressful situations.


As a certified Happily Family Coach, Denise provides a structure for parents to do the inner work required to show up as your best self with your family. Having parented neurodivergent kids for two decades, she brings particular skill in supporting parents of 'kids with labels', including 2E/gifted, ADHD, highly sensitive, and non-CIS gender, as well as families experiencing grief, loss, or major life transitions.

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Tap Intuition by Denise Kleinman
Tap Intuition by Denise Kleinman

Struggling with stress, overwhelm or burnout?

Tap Intuition offers 1:1 sessions and small group coaching that support your emotional balance.

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Want to know more about EFT?

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Mon 5/22 T(w)een Empowerthon

Watch me live as I coach parents to Ditch Doubt and Anxiety.

What my clients are saying...

Denise is amazing. She is very intuitive and guided me to my own realizations in a warm and loving manner. She helped me release emotions that I had carried around for 40 years. I highly recommend Denise as an EFT practitioner.

Petra R.

What my clients are saying...

4 minutes to Calm gently guides you through EFT Tapping points to quickly rebalance and find your center.

Calm your nervous system in just a few minutes!

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