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Break the Silence on Climate

For Earth Day I offer this presentation on the Stages of Climate Acceptance with a tap-along on climate emotions. I’m increasing my professional activity around climate since improving global health raises the public health and life quality for everyone. Life on this planet is a universal and communal experience that we must safeguard. And I strongly believe that parents must model these actions to secure a livable future for their children.

As you’ll see in my video, I encourage everyone to Break the Silence on Climate and start a conversation on this topic. It may feel awkward or uncomfortable, and you may not know what to say. Speak what’s in your heart. You don’t have to have the answers. Reducing the stigma of discussing climate is one important way to move us forward. 

May this Earth Day be a meaningful time to enjoy the outdoors and commit to actions we can take to improve air and water quality both individually and collectively. Let’s say no to corporations making it yet another merch purchasing day.

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