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EFT vs. traditional therapy

Everyone has a basic idea of what happens during talk therapy and sometimes people wonder if they need a therapist or a coach. I find myself explaining this quite often because there is some overlap. Anyone struggling with a diagnosed mental health issue should seek a licensed counselor. Many therapists are familiar with EFT as a somatic-based method and the two modalities can complement each other, so you can do both simultaneously. Clients who feel stuck repeating the same loops in their minds, or who keep encountering negative patterns of behavior, may benefit from tapping.

The beauty of EFT is that it can target very specific issues such as food cravings, fears, or traumatic experiences. Some trauma is not resolved solely using the mind to analyze what happened, such as when we have an irrational fear but talking ourselves out of it isn't effective. In these cases, EFT may dislodge stored memories wherever they reside in the body, since tapping detaches emotions from the memory to eliminate future triggers. Some people resolve issues in just a few sessions, while others may need a longer course. However in most cases, you’re looking at a commitment of weeks or months as opposed to years of therapy.

For those who feel pretty good about life and don’t have trauma to resolve (yay!), coaching can help you improve performance and attain higher levels of satisfaction by clearing blocks to achieving your goals. Whether it’s managing weight loss, navigating major life transitions or reaching new heights of success, EFT sessions can help take you to the next level. If you need a short-term boost or re-set, coaching may be the perfect answer.

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